Letters from Huebner/Zimmerman Scholarship Winners

I am deeply honored to have been selected to receive a scholarship from the men and women of the Society of the First Division. On the day I received your letter, my whole family was overcome with emotion. I know my grandfather is very proud. His service with the 1st Div was one of the most important facets of his life. His life-long devotion to his country and the men with which he served taught me the preciousness of our freedom and the price that was paid to preserve it. As a small child, I marched along with my GrandBill and the men of K Co in the Ironton Memorial Day Parade, the nation's oldest continuous Memorial Day Parade. Throughout the years, I have watched their number dwindle as members passed away. I have come to realize that it is time for my generation to bear their torch-to appreciate, learn and share with others the story of their bravery and service. It is time for my generation to "step to the plate" and defend and lead our country to even greater heights. The support of the First Infantry Division Foundation will help to make that possible.

On behalf of my grandfather, William Thomas Douglas, and our entire family, thank you.

Emily Douglas

We are thrilled with the award of this scholarship. My father, whose service made this scholarship possible, passed away a few years ago, so this is an honor of the highest tribute in his memory. He served our country twice in Korea and again in Vietnam. We are proud that David has chosen a military course through the National Guard and Army ROTC.

Once again, thank you and the scholarship committee for David's selection.
Cynthia Paul

My daughter has graduated! 3½ years and a double major. The parents are proud. The 1st Div made a lasting impression on a 20-year-old draftee. Let me say that it is heartwarming that 30 years later, this organization would come to my assistance. Please send my thanks to all concerned.

Paul Csibrik
Also known as Sp4 class Paul Csibrik.
Bravo Co. 1/26th.1st Inf. Div. RVN
Blue Spader Sir!