Due to increasing costs of printing and mailing a calendar, The Society Board of Directors voted not to publish a calendar for the year 2019.

However, based on many calls asking for one, the Society Staff is looking at alternative methods to produce a calendar for the year 2020. Check back later this year for news about the 2020 calendar.

4 Replies to “NO CALENDAR FOR 2019”

    1. SSG Billings the calendar intent was published as a fund raiser to assist un raising donations to support the Society of First Infantry Division. However, with each passing year the donations became less and less and the cost to produce the calendar ever increasing to the point were the Society was loosing funds. To you and all who read this we are looking to produce a calendar next year and offer it as one of the items as a gift in kind in our fall Donation drive.


      COL (ret) Tom Hollis

  1. Many of us would be willing to pay for the annual calendar. Please add it as an option.
    Heck I think there is still time to do this for 2019.

    1. Mr. Brunken –
      That is exactly what we are thinking as well, and are trying to pull something together for perhaps a 18 month calendar with the remainder of the year and next year combined. Stay tuned! We will put the word out once we’ve accomplished this.

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