New Membership

New Membership

Fellow members at last years reunion I sent out a challenge to all members to recruit one additional member.  It could be a fellow BRO veteran, or a friend, or neighbor, but just one person each.  While we have had a few of our members step up and accept the challenge, we need member to do the same.  Just one person in the year; that gives you 12 months to invite a new member into our Society.  Membership needs all of us, working together to keep our Society flourishing. I’m personally asking for your support with membership and talking with friends, family members, local VFW, or American Legion about being members of the United States of America’s First Division Society – being one of us, the Fighting First!  Increased membership will allows us to increase our support for Veterans and Soldiers of the First Infantry Division.  Additionally, increased membership allows us to have a large community for our Reunion to reflect and give thanks to all that have served. Please add signing up a new member to the Society to your list of things to do in 2019 – our 100th Anniversary!

Sincerely yours,

Tom Hollis

Executive Director, Society of 1st ID


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    1. Mr Poole,
      Yes you will need to reapply. Go to the Membership link at the top of the page and click on Join the Society. You can download the form,complete it an mail it in with a check or complete the online form and pay with a credit card.

    1. Mr. McCart – Your membership expired on 28 February. You can go to the Membership tab on this website to renew your membership.

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